Mt Rushmore Marathon & Crazy Horse Marathon
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 Prizes and Categories

PRIZE MONEY ALTERNATES BETWEEN COURSES:  Both marathon and half marathon courses will receive finisher medals, event shirts, and age group awards.   Prize money will alternate between courses every year.  

PRIZE MONEY ODD NUMBER YEARS (2009, 2011, etc..):  Prize Money will be awarded to Mt Rushmore Marathon, Crazy Horse Half Marathon, and Mt Rushmore Marathon Relay

PRIZE MONEY EVEN NUMBER YEARS (2008, 2010, etc..):  Prize Money will be awarded to Crazy Horse Marathon, Mt Rushmore Half Marathon, and Crazy Horse Marathon Relay

For example,  this means if you are the overall winner of the Mt Rushmore Marathon or Crazy Horse Half Marathon on an even number year (2008, 2010, etc..) you will not receive prize money.

CORPORATE COMPETITION:  $500 will be donated to the favorite official event charity of the group with the highest participation.  To be eligible you must contact event staff prior to 9/15 with the team name so that we can set it up online.  ALL eligible team members MUST  register online to count towards the group competition. 

TIME BONUS:  Additional Time Bonus money will be awarded if the overall winner(s) in the marathon and/or half-marathon have official finish time(s)  below the stated bonus times for the respective races.  For example, a male winning the marathon must run a 2:19:59 in order to be eligible for the Time Bonus award.  Time Bonus prize money is only available for the overall male and female winners in the full marathon, half marathon, and 5K run.

TOP SOUTH DAKOTAN AWARD(S):  Prize will be awarded to the top South Dakotan in the marathon and half-marathon.  Overall, Masters, Top Native American Award winners are not eligble for Top South Dakotan prize(s).  Certificates will be awarded.  To be eligible for this award the participant must be registered as a South Dakota resident and present South Dakota drivers license for identification to race director no later than one hour prior to award ceremony. 

TOP NATIVE AMERICAN AWARD(S):  Prize will be awarded to the top Native American in the marathon and half-marathon.  Overall, Masters, and Top South Dakotan Award winners are not eligble for Top Native American prize(s).  Certificates will be awarded.   To be eligble for prizes and awards winners must indicated Tribal Affiliation during the registration process and present proof of Tribal Affiliation prior to the awards ceremony.   To be eligible for this award the participant must be a registered Tribal Member and present Tribal Affiliation identification card to race director no later than one hour prior to award ceremony.

AWARDS CEREMONY:  All overall, age category and team competition prize winners will receive their prizes at the awards ceremony during the post race party.   All award must be present at the post race party to receive their awards. 

PRIZE MONEY & AWARD WINNERS:  Prize money and award winners will be responsible for all associated taxes and MUST BE PRESENT AT AWARDS CEREMONY to be eligible to receive prize money or awards.   Prize money and award winners will be responsible for all associated taxes and MUST BE PRESENT AT AWARDS CEREMONY AND COMPLETE THE ATHLETE AWARD AGREEMENT to be eligible to receive prize money.  Prize Money and Award winners will be required to download, print, complete, and sign the Athlete Award Agreement.  Award winners should then mail the original agreement with a photocopy of the requested identification to the indicated address.  The prize money will then be mailed to the award winner following the event.  The Athlete Award Agreement  is available for download at the bottom of this page.

ATHLETE AWARD AGREEMENT:   You can download a Athlete Award Agreement form below.  Right click, select "Save Target As" and hit "Save" from the dialogue window.  Then print it out, complete it and mail it to:  AllSportCentral, attn: Mt Rushmore & Crazy Horse Marathon, 300 N Phillips Ave, Suite 200, Sioux Falls, SD  USA 57104.   You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file. Also you can request the form by e-mail or fax.

Download Athlete Award Agreement (PDF) Download the Registration Form as a PDF format file 

TEAM RELAY AWARDS:  Prize Money available to top team in each category.  Men, Women, Coed, U&C Division Relay, and High School Relay awards will be given three (3) deep in each category.  Coed teams must be four (4) person teams with two (2) men and two (2) woman per team to be eligbile for prize money or awards. Coed four person teams with three (3) men and one (1) woman or three (3) women and one (1) man can register but will not be eligible for prize money or awards.  Award certificates will be given three deep in each relay category.

MALE & FEMALE AGE GROUP AWARDS:  There is no prize money for age group award winners.  Award certificates will be given to age group award winners three deep in each age group.  First place winners will receive framed award certificates.   You must be present at the award ceremony to receive prizes and awards.  Overall, Masters, Top Native American, and Top South Dakotan Awards winners are not eligble for Age Group awards.  The age groups area as follows:  (19 & U) (20-29) (30-39) (40-49)  (50-59) (60-69) (70+) 

 Marathon  Men/Women Overall
       1st Place $1,000       
       2nd Place $500       
       3rd Place $250       
 Half-Marathon  Men/Women Overall
       1st Place $500       
       2nd Place $250       
       3rd Place $125       
Marathon  Men/Women Masters
       1st Place $200       


 Half-Marathon  Men/Women Masters
       1st Place $100       
Marathon Top South Dakotan
       MEN             $100       
       WOMEN      $100       

Marathon Top Native American
       MEN             $100       
       WOMEN      $100       

 Half-Marathon Top South Dakotan





Half-Marathon Top Native American





Marathon  Time Bonus + Winner
       MEN            SUB 2:20 $1,000       
       WOMEN     SUB 2:40 $1,000       

Marathon 4 Person Relay Overall Winner
       MEN $200       
       WOMEN $200       

 5K  Men/Women Overall
       1st Place  $150       
       2nd Place  $100       
       3rd Place


       Masters $50       


 Half-Marathon  Time Bonus + Winner
       MEN            SUB  1:10 $500       
       WOMEN     SUB  1:20 $500       

Marathon 4 Person Relay Overall Winner
       COED (2 MEN & 2 WOMEN) $200       
       YOUTH (21 & UNDER) $200       

 5K Time Bonus + Winner
       MEN   SUB  15:00 $100       
       WOMEN  SUB 17:00 $100       


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